We wanted to let you know about an easy to use cheat for candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga that works on android based devices. It’s safe to use and probably one of the easiest cheats for the game. It’s not as powerful as the candy crush hack tool we have on our website but it also doesn’t require you to download anything.

So what the cheat does is it allows you to replay the same layout on any of the levels after you fail.  This can be helpful as it allows you to essentially “Save” good starting points for levels since we all know the difference a good beginning “roll” or “setup” can have for your chances to beat a level.

Candy Crush Android Cheat

So the way it works is when you first start a round (prior to making any moves), if you like the layout of the candy gems you need to take a screenshot with your phone or tablet. Generally this is done by holding both the volume lower button and the devices power button at the same time.

For some reason after you do this the next time you play the level you will start with the exact same level layout.  Pretty nice way to make sure you are starting with a good layout on those hard levels on candy crush saga and soda.

A good way to setup yourself up for success is to use this android cheat in conjuntion with the level backout cheat. If you didn’t know the level backout cheats is exactly what it sounds like. If you don’t like the setup of the gems on the level just backout before starting the game and you will get a brand new set of gems to work with.

I usually do this until I find a really good setup (usually a layout that gives me a chocolate bomb or something off the bat) and then I do the screenshot trick to make sure that I can replay with that same setup until I beat the level.

Hopefully this little candy crush trick for android helps you out on some of those hard levels. If you really want to get through the levels quickly the best way is to use our candy crush hack tool but once you start using that there is really no going back haha.  So make sure that’s something you want to do before you use it!