In the entire history of the iOS app store, there have been a lot of popular apps and many of these have gained a lot of success, but none of these have even reached the popularity that Candy Crush received upon its November 2012 mobile release. Candy Crush had already attracted the attention of many casual gamers through its earlier release on Facebook which had obtained the game a few months before. The numbers of people playing Candy Crush only kept on growing and soon, the entire world was playing Candy Crush. Even now, the game still sits in the top ten grossing apps at number four, which serves as further proof that a game can still become iconic in this day and age where mobile games come and go and appear faster than the rate of rabbits. Even apple recognizes the game as one of the most popular games ever released on their platform when they named it as an iDevice essential app.

Over two years after the release of the first Candy Crush game, King has released a brand new installment in the Candy Crush Saga. With none of their other games obtaining anywhere near as much popularity as Candy Crush, they decided to just release a sequel named Candy Crush Soda Saga. The game itself is not wholly different in comparison to the original game, but the game still gives its best shot and manages to give us something that is really fun.

The game initially starts off with levels that are considered to be the easiest level type – in these levels the goal is to destroy soda bottles by creating a match with same colored candies. As each bottle is matched up, the level of soda on the board rises a little, destroying enough soda bottles will force the soda to rise to the very top of the board, resulting in a win for that level.
Upon the completion of several of these levels, other more difficult levels are introduced, for example the gummy bear levels where the aim is to uncover gummy bears that are trapped beneath multi-layered frosted candies. Once all of the bears have been found, the level end and you will have won.

Special candies are a must in any level and can be created by matching up more than just three candies, for example, if you match a two by two square of candies, you’ll create a single Swedish fish, which you can switch be switched with candies that have the same color, once switched, the fish will float around the board and randomly pick another candy to destroy. Creating a Swedish fish when you’re in a tight situation is always a good idea as whichever block they end up getting rid of will always help in creating more possible matches.

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The game is currently running version 1.32.25 and requires that your device be running at least iOS version 5.0 or anything later. Currently, the game came be played in various languages which allows for more people worldwide, to play the game, contributing even more popularity to the games. The game can be downloaded for free from the app store with the added bonus of purchasing additional optional in app purchases. Currently, the game has an overall rating of four and a half stars in the app store and a generally favorable response from those playing the game. If you’re the type of person who likes to play their games on multiple devices, you’re in luck as Candy Crush Soda Saga enables you to link up your Facebook account in order to access your save data across multiple platforms and play right from where you left off.

In Candy Crush Saga, you’re able to purchase gold bars, which are the premium currency in the game, there are five different options for buying these; an extra small gold bar package costs ninety nine cents, a small gold bar package costs $4.99, a medium gold bar package costs $9.99, a large gold bar package costs $20.99 and an extra-large gold bar package costs $39.99. The gold bar have a variety of uses within the game including buying special power ups and extra moves, you’re also able to buy extra lives in case you find yourself stuck on one level and losing one too many times.

Candy Crush Soda Tips and Cheats

Currently, there is a wide range of hacks available for the game, the majority of which I’ve tested and actually work pretty well. Most if the working hacks all offer similar benefits; unlimited lives, infinite power ups, lots of gold bars, all levels are unlocked and even having certain levels auto complete themselves. The good thing is that many of these hacks can be applied to non-jailbroken devices, a kind of hack that is usually in popular demand. You can even find a lot of these hacks merely by way of Google search.
If you’re the kind to play the game legit, here are the tips you’ll want to follow in order to do well in the game.

When playing Candy Crush, there are various specific matches that you should aim for, if you can see a way to create a match of five same colored candies, that is the one you’ll want to create before anything else, if there’s a way to create another special block, that’s what you want to do, because swapping a multi-colored candy and a special block will result in some pretty awesome block destruction. Doing this will also help you out in hitting your point goal a whole lot quicker because you’ll end up getting a lot of bonus points.

When matching, don’t just settle on matches of three when there is the potential to create special blocks, if you look around the board properly, you might spot a way to create one of these, creating these special blocks will result in a much better point gain rather than getting the minimal points for matching three candies.

If you have the chance to swap two power ups, you should definitely go for it as it is an incredible way of getting rid of blocks in large quantities, for example, if you swap a striped candy with a Swedish fish candy, the striped fish will swim over to a random candy, where its destruction will result in the entire row of candies being destroyed.

f somehow, you’re able to create a match of seven candies (which is no easy feat, believe me, in fact, I’ve only ever seen it happen by chance.) you’ll create a coloring candy, a candy that has effects that are somewhat similar to the multicolored candies although it works on a way bigger scale. Whenever I’ve managed to make these candies, it has been totally by accident and I have definitely taken advantage of these lucky accidents .In this game, you have to be strategically aware, so if you know you have a lot of spare gold, spring for a bunch of lollipop hammers and make yourself one of those coloring candies.

If you get into a sticky spot and you find yourself struggling and you can’t seem to see any matches anywhere, take advantage of the match suggestions, which cause certain blocks to glow, highlighting a good place to switch your candies in order to create a match. This feature is a whole lot better since the original Candy Crush as in Soda Saga; the match suggestion will usually show you a way to create a special powered up candy. If you find yourself with only a few moves left and you still haven’t hit the first points goal, these are definitely things you’ll want to pay attention to, as they’ll most likely give you those last few points to complete the level.

One of the most important things to do when you’re playing this game is to really familiarize yourself with the entire game – what different levels types there are, what power ups do what, how to create the power up blocks, how many moves you’ve got to complete certain levels, etc. Paying attention to all of these will help you come up with good strategies that you’ll find work for you. By having a strategy, or even multiple strategies depending on what kind of level you’re working on, you’ll ensure that you aren’t just jumping in head first without having a plan on what to do.

When you first start playing the game, you’ll go through a stretch of soda levels where the goal is to destroy soda bottles by creating a match with same colored candies. As each bottle is matched up, the level of soda on the board rises a little, destroying enough soda bottles will force the soda to rise to the very top of the board, resulting in a win for that level. The second level type you will encounter is the frosted type levels whereby, the aim is to destroy frosted blocks which conceal gummy bears underneath them, getting rid of all of the blocks covering the bears will release them, and you must collect all of the hidden bears in order to complete the level. The third level type you’ll play through is the bubble type levels. In these levels, you’ll come across a candy necklace which will be located at the very top of the board, like what you have to do in the soda levels, you have to make the soda level rise to make the floating gummy bear above the candy necklace, succeed at doing this within the designated amount of moves and you finish the level.

The next and most difficult level type is the chocolate levels. Within these levels, the aim is to destroy all of the chocolate blocks from the board. What makes these levels so difficult is the fact that if you go one single move without removing any chocolate blocks, a chocolate block will reappear in a random spot on the board, with these levels it’s important to try to get at least one or more chocolate blocks with your matches, so that if you don’t manage to make a chocolate block destroying match, having one come back won’t be as huge a problem. You do not want to be in the situation where the majority of your board is totally covered in chocolate with no hope in totally clearing the board.

The next type of level which you have to make your way through is the honey levels. In these levels, you have to clear the honey blocks, much like what you have to do on the frosted levels, and free the concealed gummy bears which are trapped beneath the honey, I advise you to practice with the easier frosted levels before you start with these harder honey levels as the objective is essentially the same, so a similar strategy should also work pretty well. The most recent level type is the bubblegum levels; I can easily say that I had a really hard time getting through even the easiest of these levels, just like what you have to do in the chocolate levels, you have to chew up the pieces of gum to get rid of them, if you don’t manage to remove a piece in one match, another piece will grow back, so any strategies you came up with for the chocolate levels can also be used to play these levels.

Don’t worry if you find yourself on one of those levels that just feels as though it is absolutely impossible, enough playtime of certain level types can really help you out with developing a working strategy which will prevent you from getting indefinitely stuck on a level.