Goal: Get at least one star within the given available moves

Candy Crush Android Cheat

Available Moves: 10 on Facebook, 6 on mobile

One Star: 650/300 points
Two Stars: 2,200/400 points
Three Stars: 3,700/500 points

First of all, welcome to the Candy Crush Saga! Since you are on the first level of the saga, this will be a pretty easy one. As an introductory tutorial, let me tell you how you can achieve the goal of this level using these tips and strategies. Enjoy!


1. Normal Combos
The idea is to switch candies in order to match at least three candies of the same colour. This is the most basic way to get points in this game.

2. Special candies
Special candies are made when you match four to five candies of the same colour. Specific instructions for this can be found in the later levels, since Level 1 would just require you to make normal combos.

3. Special candy combos:
Now, this is the real thing! Special candy combos are made by pairing two special candies together! These combinations will get you bigger points! More details on how to make special candy combos can be found on the later levels!


Level 1 specific tips:

For Level 1, simply follow the tutorial that will guide you throughout the game so you won’t get confused. I know we all hate that introductory tutorial and would want to jump straight into the game, but it really pays to follow them. Candy Crush can get confusing at first, you know? Well, good luck crushing candies!