Candy Crush Level 6-10 Guide

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Level 6

Available Moves: 16 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (12 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 9,000 points
Two Stars: 11,000 points
Three Stars: 13,000 points
Clearing jellies will be your goal for a number of Candy Crush levels, and Level 6 is the first of those. To clear jellies, just make combos where the jellies are located. Just as long as you don’t waste your moves not clearing jellies, this level is pretty easy. Here’s what you have to do:
1. Focus on the jellied areas:
Unless there are special candy opportunities elsewhere, focus on making combinations that will clear the jellies. Make moves that clear the most jellies, and maximize the cascade effect by working on the bottom jellies first!
2. Do this with as little moves as you can:
When you clear out the jellies and you still have moves left, Candy Crush will send out a swarm of jelly fish. Jelly fish feed on your candies, giving you huge points in return. The more moves left, the larger the swarm of jelly fish will be activated, so make the jelly-clearing as quick as possible!
3. This level is still pretty easy, so have fun!


Level 7

Available Moves: 50 moves

Goal: Clear all jelly (52 single coated jelly frames)

One Star: 60,000 points
Two Stars: 75,000 points
Three Stars: 85,000 points

Level 7 is pretty challenging for newbies! See, 52 jelly frames are a lot to deal with. Fret not, however! You are given 50 moves and two free striped candies to begin with. Just be sure to follow these tips so you’d have an easier time with this level:

1. Do not combine the two given striped candies!
I know it’s tempting to do that as your first move, but there are better things to do with those striped candies! Try making wrapped candies or colour bombs to mix to these striped candies and it would clear more jellies for you than a pair of striped candies!

2. Work from the bottom:
Cascade effect your way through all those jellies! Make sure you hit more jellies with fewer moves by working on the bottom rows first, unless of course there are special candies in the making elsewhere!

3. Take as few moves as possible:
To gain more points, try finishing the goal with a number of moves to spare. Remember that available moves left after you’ve done the goal would earn you bigger points so you can earn those coveted three stars!
4. Have you spun the booster wheel today?


Level 8

Available Moves: 20 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (17 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 30,000 points
Three Stars: 45,000 points
The game board in this level is slightly irregular, so the chances of making colour bombs is limited, but as long as you make the most of the 20 moves given, this is still pretty easy. Here, take these tips as you try to finish this level off:
1. Work from the bottom:
It’s a good idea to work on the nine jellies on the lower area first. The idea is to hope that the shifting around of candies would accidentally clear those jellies that are on the upper area. 20 moves are not that plenty, so you’d need to trigger a cascade effect to help you clear jellies!
2. Make special candies:
Special candy combinations can greatly help in this level. Try to make one wrapped and one striped candy, and then combine them. This would make your job easier!
3. Consume less moves for a bigger score:
I know 20 moves are hard enough to work with, but try to spare a couple of moves so that jelly fish will be activated. It’s for your own good, see? I know you want those three stars, don’t you?
4. Lastly, I have to remind you to spin the booster wheel.
Trust me; you are going to need those free boosters in the future.


Level 9

Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (22 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 22,000 points
Two Stars: 44,000 points
Three Stars: 66,000 points
There are four tricky jellies in this level: those that are sticking out of the rows. You might want to clear this off first so you could cruise through the rest. Overall, this level is easy just as long as you remember these effective tips when you take on this level:
1. Try to detonate a wrapped + striped combo in the middle jelly row!
This would clear ALL jellies, so try to create this combination if possible! A colour bomb + striped could also be very helpful. Just try not to pop solo special candies if possible!
2. Make sure you don’t waste your precious moves:
Do not make moves that won’t clear at least one jelly, and opt for moves that would clear multiple jellies, unless, of course, you’re trying to make special candies! Just be wise in spending your moves so you can spare some for the jelly fish.
3. Cascade effect, always remember:
Work on the last jelly row, and hope that the cascade effect will clear out the upper jellies for you! A portion of your success also depends with luck, so there!
4. Have you spun the booster wheel today?
It doesn’t get easier from here, so make sure you save up your boosters! Have fun!


Level 10


Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (39 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 70,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points
My advice is to cherish level 10 as this would be the last level that is really easy and unchallenging (not to scare you off or anything!). See, there is just that void right smack in the jelly mountain, and it limits the chances of forming special candies. Aside from that, this level should be a piece of cake for you at this point. To make it easier, here are some tips and strategies:
1. Crush candies on the lower area first!
Take advantage on the cascade effect by working from the bottom up! Who knows, you might get extra lucky and get free specials accidentally!
2. Scout the board thoroughly to find moves that would clear off most jellies.
There are 40 moves and 39 jellies, so you can’t waste moves that won’t clear jellies. The best thing to do is choose the moves that would clear out multiple jellies!
3. Look out for special candies!
Make sure you don’t miss opportunities to make special candies by scouting the board before making your moves!
4. Try to match two special candies:
You know what they say, don’t settle for solo! Maximize the effects of special candies by pairing them with other specials! A pair of colour bombs would clear all the jellies for you, but it can be hard to get by, so a colour + striped combo are ideal alternatives.
5. I have to remind you:
Spin the free booster wheel!