We wanted to let you know about an easy to use cheat for candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga that works on android based devices. It’s safe to use and probably one of the easiest cheats for the game. It’s not as powerful as the candy crush hack tool we have on our website but it also doesn’t require you to download anything.

So what the cheat does is it allows you to replay the same layout on any of the levels after you fail.  This can be helpful as it allows you to essentially “Save” good starting points for levels since we all know the difference a good beginning “roll” or “setup” can have for your chances to beat a level.

Candy Crush Android Cheat

So the way it works is when you first start a round (prior to making any moves), if you like the layout of the candy gems you need to take a screenshot with your phone or tablet. Generally this is done by holding both the volume lower button and the devices power button at the same time.

For some reason after you do this the next time you play the level you will start with the exact same level layout.  Pretty nice way to make sure you are starting with a good layout on those hard levels on candy crush saga and soda.

A good way to setup yourself up for success is to use this android cheat in conjuntion with the level backout cheat. If you didn’t know the level backout cheats is exactly what it sounds like. If you don’t like the setup of the gems on the level just backout before starting the game and you will get a brand new set of gems to work with.

I usually do this until I find a really good setup (usually a layout that gives me a chocolate bomb or something off the bat) and then I do the screenshot trick to make sure that I can replay with that same setup until I beat the level.

Hopefully this little candy crush trick for android helps you out on some of those hard levels. If you really want to get through the levels quickly the best way is to use our candy crush hack tool but once you start using that there is really no going back haha.  So make sure that’s something you want to do before you use it!

Candy Crush is a very popular puzzle game that you can get for free via Android and Apple devices, and you can also play this game on Facebook using your computer. If you are just starting out playing Candy Crush there are a lot of different things you should know that can help you beat the levels, especially the higher levels since they become even more difficult to beat without losing a lot of lives. If you are new to Candy Crush or you have been playing for a long time, here are some tips and tricks that can help you become a successful Candy Crush player.

Set Your Device Clock Ahead 3 Hours

One of the biggest tips that will help you become successful at Candy Crush is to set the time ahead on the device you are using. Every 30 minutes you gain a life on Candy Crush, although the maker of the game wants you to purchase more lives when you run out. The makers of Candy Crush are counting on you being addicted to the level in order to get you to buy more lives, thus they make more money. Well, a really easy way around having to purchase any lives at all is to just set the time up on your device, whether it be an Android or Apple device or even your computer. Since you get 1 life for every 30 minutes, you can set your clock up 3 hours and get a full set of 5 lives. This is a really good trick because not only do you not have to wait for the whole 3 hours to get lives to continue playing, but you also will save money and not be suckered into purchasing lives, which gets very expensive in this game. If you set your clock back to the normal time, just remember where you were at so that when you want to play again, you know how far in the future you need to move the clock to. You can keep doing this for months and months ahead of time, but remember to change the date when you get to 12 AM. Once you start doing this you will start laughing at those people out there still waiting or purchasing lives to continue playing the level.

Restart the Board Before You Move

One thing that can mess you up is if you look at a board and aren’t sure about it, but you still proceed to take a move or two anyways, and then decide to quit. When you first look at the board, if you don’t like the setup, then you can back out of it immediately and it won’t cost you a life. Once you make one move however, you will automatically lose a life if you decide to quit the level. When you play Candy Crush, sometimes you will just be able to tell by looking that the board won’t get you anywhere, so it’s not even worth attempting it because that will cost you a life. Basically, you should just learn that you don’t have to accept the board you are given, but make that decision before you make a move, and you can back out of as many as you want without losing a life.

Candy Crush Saga Tips

You Want to Start At the Bottom

When you play Candy Crush, it’s really important that you almost always start off your game at the bottom, which takes some getting used to since you are always taught to do things top-to-bottom. When I first started out, it was so hard to get my mind around the fact I needed to start at the bottom, and it would cost me lives because I would run out of moves. The longer you play Candy Crush, the easier it will become to start at the bottom, and soon it will become second nature to automatically go there. The reasoning behind this is that it’s a domino effect, meaning candies will drop down and often make special combinations the more they fall. If you think about it, the domino effect can end up giving you free moves, since it can help clear blocks that otherwise would take a few moves to make. If you start at the top, then there is no possible way a candy can fall or be smashed since nothing is creating that domino effect. It’s also a good idea to start at the bottom because that is most often where the bombs and chocolates come from, so you will be able to clear those off the board quicker and with less moves.

Always Check Your Board First and Prioritize Bad Candies

You need to make a habit of always checking out the entire board before you begin making moves, since you need to figure out if there are any bad candies in the mix. Bad candies can include chocolates, bombs, 3-layer cake tiles or solid blocks. These bad candies can cost you lives if you don’t realize they are there, because bombs often will go off within a matter of 8 moves or less. If you don’t look over the board first, you might not see the bomb at the bottom of the board until you only have a few moves left, and by then it’s likely too late. No matter what you see as far as moves, you have to go after those bad candies first and make that your main priority to get rid of. You also need to make sure you get rid of the chocolates as soon as you can, since they multiply with every move, and before you know it the entire board is full of them.

Slow Down and Breathe Between Moves

When it comes to playing Candy Crush, you might think you can just speed right through the levels without taking a breath or thinking about strategy, but this is a sure way to lose lives quickly. When you get beyond level 100, things get really tricky, and you will need to have strategy going into each and every move in order to be successful. The first few levels you can get by with not paying attention and just breezing through, but you will really want to slow down and think in between moves just to get into the habit for the later levels. Sometimes a bomb might be hidden on the side or the bottom of the board, so if you sit there and just start crushing the candies, you likely won’t notice a bomb is about to explode. By that point, even if you did notice the bomb it would be too late, since bombs take a few moves at least to clear out. So you need to stop trying to go as fast as you can, look over the board, and plan out moves that give you the best chances of winning. What I have found that really helped was to look at the board from left-to-right and then top-to-bottom in between moves, because that helped me get a feel for where my next move should be and it alerted me to bad candies I might have missed.

Combinations Are A Lifesaver

No matter what level you are on, you always need to be looking for candy combinations you can make, because the combinations are the easiest way to ensure you beat a level quickly. The best combinations are the striped candy and the wrapper, since that creates the huge candy that goes across the board. You also want to be on the lookout for any color bombs you can make, which really helps when you are on order levels of the game. You can easily make the color bomb without needing to purchase the booster by just putting 5 of the same colored candies together in a row. Once you get the 5 identical candies lined up, it will automatically turn into a color bomb, and you can use that at any point during the game. While you don’t want to waste too much time sitting there closely examining the board for combinations, you do want to take a minute and check over things to see if there is anything you can create to give you the combinations.

Use Stripes or Jelly Fish For Hard to Reach Blocks

When you get into the higher levels of Candy Crush, you will notice that there will be blocks way out of the range of the main board, and these blocks are very difficult to crush without some help. The best way you can crush these out of the way blocks is to either use striped candies from directly below or grab a Jelly Fish and hope it swims up to the lone block away from the main board. If you have a color bomb, combine that with a stripe to give you a better chance of getting to the far away blocks.
Always Clear Liquorice ASAP

There will be some levels of Candy Crush that have liquorice in them, which are the weird black looking blocks that resemble a roll of electrical tape. The liquorice blocks are very difficult to get rid of because sometimes you get the striped candy and wrapper to clear it, but other times the combination does nothing to get rid of them. If you have candies close to the liquorice that you can combine normally, then that is really the best way to get rid of the liquorice quickly. Combining three of the candies as you normally would will clear out that same number of liquorice blocks, then more regular candies will drop down so you can just repeat that process. If you are trying to get to candies that are on the side of the board but there is liquorice in the middle, you will need to clear the liquorice in order to reach the other candies. That is why it’s so important to get rid of the liquorice immediately, because it can block you from reaching the candies on other parts of the board, and that will basically stop you from successfully completing the level.

Never Purchase Anything In-App

While you might be an adult and think that you can spend your money how you want, a word of advice I have is to never spend your money purchasing boosters or anything else in the game. Candy Crush is a highly-addictive puzzle game that can suck the life right out of you, but it can also suck the money right out of your bank account too. Games like Candy Crush thrive on the business model of being fun yet also aggravating, which then leads to consumers spending money on in-app purchases just to move onto the next level. I love Candy Crush but the thing is that you can easily go into the hole as far as money goes with this game, because you will find yourself always needing to purchase something. Once to begin to purchase in-app boosters, you will almost subconsciously rely on the fact that they are there when you need them, and the longer you spend on one level the more you will want to just bite the bullet on a booster. If you want to buy boosters or have money to spend on this game, the best way to do that is to get gift cards for iTunes or Google Wallet, but only allow yourself $20 a month to spend, which can help you control the urge to keep pressing the purchase button.

Pay Attention To Drop Downs In Ingredient Levels

There are certain levels of Candy Crush where you have to bring cherries and nuts down to the bottom of the board, then they will count toward the order. The trick to these levels is that you must look for the green arrow, which you will find underneath the bottom of the board, and this is where the ingredients have to land to be counted. Sometimes you might get a board where only a few spots are drop downs for the ingredients, so you need to pay attention to that before you start the level. If you get the cherries and nuts stuck on the side of the board it’s really difficult to get them back to the drop down areas, since there are no candies you can move on the other side of the ingredients. It’s also important that you know the layout of the board because some levels the candies are on a conveyor-belt like system that can move right or left depending on the moves you make. In those levels, the drop down might be at the top or bottom and you might have hollow areas where the ingredients can end up at the beginning of the conveyor.

Connect Your Facebook to the Mobile Version

A really important tip when you play Candy Crush on your mobile device is to connect your Facebook account, because you will then unlock the booster wheel. The booster wheel will show up on the main page of Candy Crush and this allows you one spin per day, and you will win a booster of some type during each spin. You don’t have to use these boosters right away, in fact the best thing to do is save them up, so that you can use them in droves when you get to the more difficult levels later on. If you don’t want to connect your legit Facebook account or don’t want to make one with your real information, you can make a fake Facebook account, which allows you to still have access to the daily booster wheel, but also keeps Candy Crush off of your main feed. You also want to connect your Facebook because if you need to restore your phone back to factory, you can do so without losing levels in Candy Crush. This also means that if you get a new phone, you can download the game onto that phone and then just login through the Facebook option, and you will be right where you left off on your old phone.

Play Quests To Unlock Levels

When you get to certain points in Candy Crush, you will be asked to send a Facebook request to your friends to get to the next level or purchase tickets for $.99 to move on. Instead of doing either of these two things, you can opt to play quests to move forward, and this is the best way to continue on with the game at your own pace. You will have to play three quests which are all related to levels you completed in the last section, so it’s essentially a test of the situations you just had to go through. The quests are usually easy and most often can be completed using one life, although some are more difficult in the levels above 500. When you play the quests, you will have a bar on the bottom or right that gives you a goal score you need to hit in order to pass that particular quest, which sometimes is the hardest part of the quest. Playing quests is really the only option you have if you are not connected to Facebook or you don’t have friends on Facebook, since paying $.99 for a ticket is simply a waste of money.

Although there are a lot more tips and tricks out there, this is just a general guide to get you through the levels without getting into the specifics of the levels themselves. If you follow this guide it will help you no matter what level you are playing and it will be very useful if you are just beginning the Candy Crush adventure. The most important thing to remember when playing this game is to have fun and enjoy yourself, but know that once you start playing you will be hard-pressed to find a way out because it’s just that addicting and fun.