Cheats for Candy Crush Saga Level 751 Tips

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Available Moves: 45

Goal: Collect 300 blue and 300 green candies within 45 moves.
Target Score: 100,000 points
Two Stars: 150,000 points
Three Stars: 185,000 points


Cheats for Candy Crush Saga Level 751 Tips


Level 751 of Candy Crush Saga is the eleventh level of Marmalade Meadow and the 164th Candy Order Level. To win this level, you need to collect 300 blue and 300 green candies, scoring at least 100,000 points within 45 moves. The board consists of a rectangle shape half filled with blockers and two other square boards completely filled with blockers. The nature of the board (filled with candies) coupled with the limited amount of moves makes this level extremely hard. No, this level is virtually impossible, being called the “hardest level in the Reality set”. There are only 4 colors, making color combinations and special candies easy to create, but keep in mind you’re going for 300 blue and 300 green candies. The strategy provided here needs to be strictly adhered to in order to win this level. This level is rated “Impossible/Virtually Impossible”.

Level 751 Cheats Strategy:

– Clear the cake bombs first. They should be easy to clear, and the colors the cake bomb destroys are added to your total number of claimed Blue and Green candies. Clearing a cake bomb gives you more space to work with, making the level easier.
– I cannot stress this enough: Plan your moves. Seriously, this level is impossible. You need to be able to see a pattern that would create special candies. You only have 45 moves to collect 600 of a certain candy. If combos are not created, a loss will happen. This level is again, extremely hard. I honestly wish you luck for this level, it was long before I beat this one!