Level 735 Tips For Candy Crush Saga – Updated Cheats Guide

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Available Moves: 25
Goal: Gain 100,000 points within twenty-five moves.
Target Score: 100,000 points
Two Stars: 200,000 points
Three Stars: 210,000 points

Level 735 of Candy Crush Saga is the tenth level of Marshmallow Mountains and the twentieth “moves” level. In order to complete this level successfully, you must attain the target score of 100,000 points within 25 moves. The shape of the level is quite odd, with many people finding some sort of resemblance to a butterfly. The odd shape can provide a player with many ways of getting stuck and losing, making this level one which involves thinking. 18 move bombs can hinder your progress, due to the numerous “stuck zones”, along with the annoying chocolate spawners. It is important you strategically plan your moves according to this guide in order to maximize your points with what you have. There are 5 colors, making combinations moderately difficult to make. However, this level, due to the “moves” type, can make this an easy one to complete. This level is rated as easy.

Level 735 Tips For Candy Crush Saga

Level 735 Cheats Guide:

– Try to clear the vertical columns where candies don’t spawn. You can claim a few points without worrying about candy bombs.

– Try to not get the bombs too spread; localize your bombs to one side of the board in order to avoid this. If you see an opportunity to clear a bomb with a match, jump at the opportunity! It’s nice to get a candy bomb out of the way.

– It’s good to try to get as many special candies as you can. Considering the amount of moves that you have, special candies are important.

– Stuck bombs will make you lose for sure. Never get a stuck bomb! It is guaranteed that you will lose with a stuck bomb. However, considering that these are 18 move bombs, you only have to worry about bombs in the first seven moves.